32" High Brightness Professional Digital Display Screen

A 32" high brightness/ high visibility digital advertising screen for use in window displays. Choose from networked or plug and play options. Sunlight readable, these digital advertising displays can bring dynamic content directly to your passing customers as part of your window displays.
  • High visibility in bright sunlight
  • Inbuilt hard-drive means no computer connection required
  • Control content and scheduling from anywhere, using online software or android/ iphone
  • 3 years warranty
  • Lifetime technical support
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If you are thinking about a digital display screen for your window, it must be bright enough to be visible in sunlight. 
The added effect of sunlight reflecting off of the window glass can make average brightness screens impossible to see. 
You want to use your window display screen dynamically, so use our high brightness screens to ensure visibility. 
Remember, these screens come with their own in-built media players, and are specially resilient against extreme temperatures which is another issue with window display screens. 
If you want to invest in a display screen for your window, make it a worthwhile investment. 
Ask our friendly staff for advice.

Sunlight Readable

Brightness is paramount when using outward facing screens, these displays use commercial grade Ultra High Brightness panels (1500 cd/m2); more than 3 times brighter than a standard home TV to allow easy readability in direct sunlight.

Plug and Play

The High Brightness Professional Monitors come with a built in HD Android media player, allowing you to update them using a USB memory stick. Load your pictures and videos onto a USB memory stick then insert it into the display, which will copy the files into its internal flash memory. Once you remove the memory stick the screen will then start playing the pictures and videos in a continuous loop.

Advanced Temperature Control System

The internal air-conditioning system allows the screens to be in constant use in an outward facing window. Internal fans keep their panels and other internal components at the optimum working temperature; ensuring a long and reliable life for your screens.

Commercial Grade Panel and Components

Fitted with a commercial grade panel, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours, and using high quality components ensures that the high brightness monitor displays can be in constant use 24/7.

Built-in Speakers

The high brightness monitor displays have two integrated slimline speakers for applications that involve an audio element.

Power Timer

The eco-friendly power timer allows you to assign daily or weekly on and off times for your screen. The ability to power on and off automatically means that the screen is only in use when it needs to be; improving your environmental efficiency.

Optional Network Upgrade

For a small charge you can also upgrade your screen to be networked, allowing you to remotely update your screen via LAN, WiFi or 3G.


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