Poster Board Hire – Edinburgh International Conference Centre

Our customer, the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, relies on us to provide a reliable service for their clients.
On hearing their client wasn’t too familiar with how the poster
boards work, we set up the boards, and attached the velcro so that they
can add the posters simply to the panels, while also having the ability
to move the panels into position to suit them as required.
poster board hire
Our panels are also ideal in terms of colour and finish.  The grey
polyweave provides a neutral, subtle colour along with the aluminium
frames of the panels, for a much more aesthetic finish, which works in
most environments, as opposed to the blue panel finish which many hire
companies seem to prefer for some reason.
We always have additional panels on hand in case needed, can
alternate between portrait and landscape at any time, join panels
together at any angle, or set them up freestanding – full flexibility
which we’ve found our customers find invaluable so that they don’t need
to worry that they can’t adapt when problems arise.  Which often
The panels can be quickly switched to and from portrait and
landscape, and joined together in whichever format.  It’s a fully
flexible system, and you aren’t restricted to certain formats the way
that other systems can do.
Our system adapts to suit you.  Not the other way around !

Hopefully this brief summary of some of our hire work this year
will demonstrate that we can usually help with any of your poster board
requirements, so please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can advise further.

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