LED Light Pockets, Digital Display & Signage, Edinburgh

Our customer asked us to update their property displays with illuminated LED light pockets, and a digital media player screen which is connected to their online property database.

We also fitted new signs to the shop front, using acrylic cut stand-off letters with stainless steel vinyl, and an LED illuminated projecting sign.

We also added the customer’s new logo to the window glass, simply applied in vinyl, with the existing block-out roller blinds acting as a white backdrop to improve visibility of the logo.

These are our A3 Landscape sized LED light pockets, and the digital screen is the 46″ version from our Slimline range, which includes it’s own in-built hard drive and wifi connectivity, allowing it to be updated, controlled and monitored from anywhere using our online software, including a feed of our customer’s property database directly into the screen’s presentation.

The projecting sign is a circular, double-sided, LED illuminated projecting sign.  This has the logo cut out of the vinyl applied to the panels, so that the logo is illuminated.   The projecting sign is connected to the same timer as the light pocket kits to ensure that everything comes on at the same time and switches off simultaneously too – we usually recommend that your displays and signs come on at 6am and switch off at midnight or there about.

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