LED Light Pockets and Logo Sign Display for Estate Agents in Falkirk

This is an update of a window display we designed, recommended, and installed for our customer in Falkirk.

Our customer was keen on fitting illuminated freestanding units in the window.

This sounds like a nice, attractive idea, until you consider the practicalities.

A low level display, sitting beneath 4 or 5 foot from the ground, is going to have little to no visibility from across the road.

This is why we have never recommended such displays.  They are also significantly more expensive.

If you want your window to stand out, be distinctive, we can do this, and also keep your costs minimal !  It’s what we do !  Please consult us for advice.  We have high brightness LED pockets, and also have the experience to find you the best solution.

Hopefully, you can see we know what we’re talking about.

We are friendly, helpful, and would love to hear from you.   We want you to have the best displays to suit your requirements. 

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