LED Illuminated Estate Agents Property Display, Jedburgh

A4 Portrait LED light pockets supplied and installed for our Borders-based customer in their new Jedburgh town centre office.  Our customer took our advice and kept the display minimalist, to get the best aesthetics of the light pockets and also keep in with the up to date look – less is more with the LED light pockets.

Angling the pockets in this way means that the window display not only looks a bit different from the usual plain flat displays, but also is more visible to approaching traffic from either side, helping to increase presence on the High Street.

This window looks onto a busy main street in the town centre with busy through traffic, so the illuminated window display is a great way for our customer to make the presence of their new office stand out.

Because this street is busy with approaching traffic on both sides, our customer took our advise to angle the pockets.  This makes the window display visible to approaching traffic from either side, as well as giving a pleasant looking alternative to the usual flat window displays.

Concealing all the electrical components in the best way possible is important for a clean, tidy, illuminated window display.

Here we managed to hide all of the electrics, including sockets, cables and transformers on the face of the window bed.

” Many thanks for coming down on Sunday to deal with our window display. We’ve been very busy all morning – with visitors – people coming in to admire our new office!

The display is looking great – thanks again. “

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