LED Estate Agents Property Displays in Hawick, Borders, Scotland

Our customer decided to make the worthwhile investment in updating their window displays, and from the feedback after installation, we were happy to see that they are delighted with the results !

Our customer, like many estate agents, wanted to find a balance where the window display would look attractive and aesthetic, but not sacrifice too much property display space.
This is where angling the pockets as shown can help.
It not only affords more display space, but is also an attractive feature in its own right, while also improving the visibility of the window display to approaching traffic and pedestrians from either direction.

Our customer also took our advice and used good quality paper, while using large images, minimal text, and full colour backgrounds, for the best results.

 Internally, we were able to hide all the electrics within the window bed.  Liaising with the customer’s electrician, the full illuminated window display is comfortably controlled by a timer, and all electrical components are hidden away, meaning that the internal display is also attractive, clean and tidy.

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